8th Grade Course Requests

The Course Request Window opens on February 6th and will close on February 23rd.

The BEMS Counselors will be available from 3:30 pm-7 pm in the BEMS Library on February 15th and February 21st to assist parents through this course request process.

Courses will be selected during a group Planning for College and Career Readiness Meeting (PCCR) held in your student's math class. This can accessed through ASPIRE and then through Course Requests. To prepare for 8th grade, please do the following:

  • Log in on ASPIRE.

  • Click on Course Requests.

  • Verify that all required courses are added.

    • Language Arts A, B, C

    • 8th Grade Math A, B, C

    • Intg Science A, B, C

    • US History A & B

    • Core PE 8

    • Health Education

    • Digital Literacy

  • Review elective choices.

  • Count courses. Total number of courses should total 18.

Below are worksheets to guide you through the required courses for 9th grade students. Reach out to a counselor if you have any questions.