10th Grade Course Requests

Box Elder High School has opened a scheduling window to allow incoming 10th grade students the opportunity to change their schedules for the 2024-2025 school year.

The change window is now open and ends on May 24 at 3 pm

Courses were selected during the individual Planning for College and Career Readiness Meeting (PCCR) and reviewed by you and your students in February. You can access your schedule through ASPIRE.

Please follow the video below for the instructions on how to change your courses in your schedule.

  • Verify that all required courses are added.

    • Language Arts A & B

    • Secondary Math II A & B

    • Health II

    • Fit or Swim for Life

    • Choice of a Foundation Science (Biology, Chemistry*, or Physics*)

    • Choice of World History (Ancient or Modern)

    • Choice of Social Science Elective (additional World History course, Psychology, Sociology, Sports Psychology, or History of Film)

  • Review elective choices.

  • Count courses. You may have holes in your schedule that you will need to fill. Total number of courses should total 18.

Below is a worksheet to guide you through the required courses for 10th grade students. Placement in audition classes and other classes that are required for accommodations will already be made. Please reach out to a counselor if you have any questions.